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Installation and Project Management
Rostec performs installation and project management of the construction of professional recording studios, regardless of size and function. To get the best performance of professional audio equipment, it is important that the basic structure of the electrical installation is considered carefully. Anyone can buy a few computers and set up a minimal recording studio, but when  more equipment is added, complexity grows, and so does the amount of problems, if the basic electrical structure is not planned properly.
It does look nice and polished, but beneath the surface lies an electrical installation of very high complexity. To enable professional equipment to perform at its best, the basic structure of the safety earth and signal ground must be carefully planned, and a stringent and consistent separation of digital and analog signal paths must be maintained.
Since the early 80s Rostec has been involved in numerous studio installations, and has gone from success to success, gaining a huge experience in the process. By including Rostec in the early planning stages, the customer will benefit from this experience, and end up with a project at the highest level of quality. A careful and meticulous planning with architects and builders is the basis of a successful project