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Service and Maintenance
Rostec Engineering   Administration: Christianehøj 43, 2860 Søborg, Denmark   -   Email rostec@rostec.dk   -   Phone +45 3967 6438
ROSTEC provide service and repair of both analog and digital professional audio equipment and restoration of "Vintage" audio equipment. More than 25 years of experience Highly educated staff Well equipped workshop Exellent access to rare parts "On Site" service Open to company arrangements   low price
The workshop and lab are extremely well equipped with everything you could wish for of tools, measuring instruments, oscilloscopes, computers, and digital and analog signal analyzers. ROSTEC also have a large amount of mobile measurement and test equipment
We service all professional audio equipment, right from large multitrack systems with digital and analog mixing consoles to miniature circuit under the microscope
And we provide service and perform restoration of all the older analog "vintage" equipment that musicians and sound engineers are so fond of, such as multitrack tape recorders, microphone amplifiers, compressors, power amplifiers, reverb units, equalizers, etc.   - All that highly valued and treasured classic equipment from the golden age of rock music