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ADA432 AES Distribution Amplifier
Features * 4 inputs into 32 outputs (4 groups of 8) * Transformer balanced inputs and outputs * True balanced architecture * The Inputs have "sweet spot" detectors, providing auto-slicing and signal clean-up * Inputs accepts from 0.2 to 10V * High speed. Supports sampling frequencies from 30 kHz to 400 kHz * Latency from any input to any output is less than 50 nsec * Outputs are full swing buffers, 5 V into 110 ohms, 10 V open. * Yamaha Standard pin-out. * Separate power supplies for inputs and for each output group. * Linear low noise power supplies. * Short circuit proof. Self protecting. Thermal protecting for each output group. * All inputs and outputs are ESD protected to 23 kV, IEC 61000-4-2 and 15 A surge, IEC 61000-4-5 * 19" sturdy steel metal casing * Affordable price
The ADA432 is a high quality AES distribution amplifier designed to operate in a broadcast, video or audio studio installation. It has 4 inputs and 32 outputs configured as 4 groups of 8 outputs. Any of the 4 output groups can be freely selected to connect to any of the 4 inputs. The input accepts AES, AES3 and SPDIF levels. The ADA432 features an internally true balanced architecture. All inputs and outputs are fully floating transformer balanced and individually buffered. The input and output circuits are state of the art, resulting in an impressive 40 MHz overall bandwidth, and the latency from any input to any output is less than 50 nsec. Sampling rates from 30 kHz to 400 kHz are supported. The input circuit and each of the 4 output groups have their own individual power supply. The separate power supplies and the overall balanced architecture effectively creates an efficient isolation barrier between groups, thus eliminating crosstalk and jitter transfer when different sampling frequencies and different data structures are distributed through the same unit. Each of the inputs features a discrete high-speed comparator with hysteresis and a "sweet spot" detector, which performs an accurate auto-slicing of the input. This means that the circuit automatically chooses the most useful part of the input signal, thus being able to clean-up and reconstruct a ringing and noisy input signal into a perfect output signal. The 32 individual output buffers are high speed and transformer balanced. The output level is 5 Volts into 110 ohms (10V without load). The output buffers are fast! The rise time of the output pulse is less than 9 nsec with an overshoot of less than 2%. The fast rise time makes the output signal appear well defined seen from a standard AES receivers point of view, which enables it to react to the signal with maximum accuracy and minimal jitter.