Rostec Engineering Administration: Christianehøj 43, 2860 Søborg, Denmark - Email - Phone +45 3967 6438
About Rostec
Rostec Engineering is a small, highly efficient and well structured Danish Engineering Company, just outside the center of Copenhagen. The company has supplied Engineering Services and quality equipment to Broadcast, Recording and Film industries for more than 25 years. Rostec products have an outstanding record when it comes to stability and reliability, due to careful manufacturing and healthy design principles. The result is a solid mass of satisfied customers at all levels of the industry.  As a supplier of Engineering Services like maintenance, installation and project management, the company has gained extensive insight into the areas of video, audio and synchronization/interfacing. This vast experience has provided the basis for launching an attractive range of both digital and analog equipment, aimed at the professional audio and video market.. Rostec Engineering reacts with an open mind to customer inquiries. The use of advanced design tools and computerized simulation together with an efficient subcontractor structure, will produce viable solutions fast. When it comes to the manufacturing process, only precision equipment and high grade materials are used. Strict quality control and performance tests are mandatory before shipping. Rostec Engineering VAT DK54203551 Christianehøj 43 2860 Søborg Denmark Administration: Phone +45 39676438 Fax N/A Email: Att: Knud Rosenskjold Manufacturing and test: Outsourced. Contact Rostec for details