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Dicontinued Products 19" frame General Purpose Unit Generators: DSG3 Audio Reference Generator DSG5E Audio Reference Generator and E1 G.703 Synchronizer      Audio converters: ADD24 24bit/96kHz AD Converter DAA24 24bit/96kHz DA Converter DAA192  24bit/108 kHz SR-DA Converter SRC242 24bit/96kHz SR Converter Interfaces: ADIS8  AES Distribution Amplifier WDIS8 Word Distribution Amplifier LDIS8 Linear Distribution Amplifier T535E  2Mbit E1 G703 Xmtr. Interface AS41 E1/T1 Autoswitch 19” Standard Series ASD8V  Reference Generator ASD8S Audio Reference Generator APV4 PAL Black  Generator Stand Alone Boxes CP390 Consumer/Pro Interface
Current Products Station 6, rev 7 LMA8 white version LMA8 Button Response Programming white version LMA8 old version LMA8 Button Response Programming old version LMA8 USB Module rev.3 LMA8 USB Module rev.4 LMA8 AES Module rev.2 LMA8 USB Module rev.5 LMA8 AES Module rev.5 LMA8/USB Latency Measurements ADDA16 Modular High Performance AD-DA Converter OC2 Optical Stereo Compressor ASD16HD  Video and Audio Sync  Reference Generator CAD324  Clock and AES3id distribution Amplifier.  ADA432  AES Distribution Amplifier.